Salisbury MD
2019! You can’t make this stuff up!

Time seemingly travels so quickly for all of us.  Days run into days that run into days and we have a difficult time keeping track of everything.  We can hardly remember what happened last week, let alone what happened last month, or last winter. Let’s take a look at the noteworthy highs and lows of […]

Mid to Upper 60’s Warmth Today

Temperatures have been slowly rising throughout the night and into this morning.  They are headed into the mid to upper 60’s today.  Some of us could experience 70 degrees by early afternoon. A few showers and possibly a thunderstorm are in the offing today as well as some breezy conditions. Salisbury is waking up to […]

3 Months and 30 Degrees Ago

It was three months ago today, September 29, that the Baltimore Ravens last lost a football game.  About an hour after the Ravens were defeated by the Cleveland Browns the Baltimore Orioles lost their last game of the season to the Boston Red Sox.  That means that the last time a team from a major […]

Fine weather continues

Our run of fine weather continues as we approach New Years’ Eve.  There will be more clouds than sun today, but tomorrow should offer more sunshine.  Both days will have high temperatures reaching the mid 50’s again.  Will it ever end? It will end, of course, eventually.  Temps will stay mild throughout the weekend when […]

Fog gives way to good Boxing Day weather

Many Americans spend the day after Christmas either relaxing, returning gifts, or traveling.  Our Canadian friends to the north, as well as many nations around the world with a connection to the UK, celebrate what is called Boxing Day. The English set aside the day after Christmas as a day for workers and servants, who […]

Get ready for a green Christmas

  Today will be sunny and bright.  Christmas Day will not be white! Sunny skies and temperatures near 50 degrees are on tap for Christmas Eve.  Christmas Day and the remainder of the week should see temps in the 50’s with partly sunny skies and no precipitation in sight. If you’re traveling for the holidays […]

Good weather is ahead for a festive week

People looking forward to a week of holiday festivities will be pleased with the weather.  Temperatures will be in the 50’s for the entire week and things will remain dry.  For what more could you ask? Today may well be the most beautiful day of the week as some places, with a little luck, could […]