Weekend to go from washout to wonderful

The last two days have brought us low 90’s summer heat, but today brings us the remains of Laura with wind and rain. Potentially strong thunderstorms and even a risk of tornadoes exist. A strong line of thunderstorms, with frequent thunder and lightning, ripped through the area overnight. My station has already received 2.11 inches […]

Hot Day on the Eve of Laura’s Remnants

Today will offer us partly cloudy skies and temperatures just above 90 degrees. Clouds should increase throughout the day with a chance of showers developing late. We are expecting showers and thunderstorms throughout your day on Saturday with breezy conditions. Some storms could be heavy and most of us can expect to receive a good […]

Trumpers Share Center Stage with Marco and Laura this week

Don’t get excited. I’m not talking about conservative icons like Marco Rubio and Laura Ingraham. The RNC’s biggest competition for ratings this week may come from two tropical systems, Marco and Laura, in the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of the Gulf Coast, from Houston to the panhandle of Florida are hoping for the best, but […]

Sunday Thoughts on God, the Pledge, Infidelity, COVID-19, Laura, and Marco

As many American practice their faith this Sunday it bears noting the controversy that exists pertaining to the “Pledge of Allegiance” at the Democratic National Convention. Thanks for making me fact check it, Mr. President! In fact, I could listen to this all day! Another Trump lie God was not taken out of performance of […]

A Day for Allies of both Light and Darkness

The Democratic National Convention ended with Joe Biden declaring that he would be an ally of the light and not the darkness. As we await the start of the Republican National Convention on Monday we should note that both allies of light and darkness will find something to enjoy in today’s weather forecast. The sun […]

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