Salisbury MD
Today’s weather will be anything but spooky!

Exceptional weather awaits for everyone today and again tomorrow.  Temperatures will approach 70 degrees today leading to comfortable conditions for trick-or-treaters this evening. Thursday will see November kickoff with temperatures in the low 70’s.  Will the nice weather ever end?  Of course it will…Friday into Saturday!

October is looking to end warmer than normal.

The end of October is approaching and it looks like it will be another month in 2018 that is warmer than normal.  In fact, it will be the 6th consecutive month with temperatures that are warmer than we are used to seeing.  Is this a prolonged trend or just a coincidence?  I’m not in a […]

Taking Stock of This Week’s Weather

The great stock market crash that saw Americans lose $18,000,000,000 in wealth reached its low point on this date in 1929. It was known as “Black Tuesday”. Americans received another scare 10 years ago, and there are those warning that another “correction” of some sort is likely soon.  I’m not an economics guru so I’ll […]

Let’s peek-a-boo ahead to the Halloween forecast.

With Halloween and trick or treating just 3 days away I’m sure that many parents and their kids are concerned about the forecast for Wednesday. While the weather will be seasonable and variably cloudy through Tuesday we are in for a pleasant surprise come Halloween.  Daytime highs on Wednesday appear to be around 70 degrees […]

Soggy Early

The rain should be out to sea on Saturday morning leaving behind cloudy conditions.  The early part of the day will be fairly mild.  Once the winds shift to the west you can expect it to cool somewhat in the afternoon. The next few days appear to be variably cloudy with near normal highs in […]

What is a nor’easter?

Most of us associate a nor’easter with snow, but they also bring rain.  It is the very strong winds from the northeast that define the storm system.  The following video explains it nicely. Our nor’easter should kick in by the afternoon and continue overnight into early Saturday morning.  We can expect lots of rain and […]

Today will be sunny again but with much colder temperatures.

Today will be as much as 15 degrees colder than yesterday despite an abundance of sunshine. Today will also be breezy making it feel colder than it really is.  Sunshine and cool temperatures return again tomorrow. Right now it appears as though a coastal storm with wind and rain is brewing for the weekend.  I […]

Let’s take a sneak peek at this winter’s weather.

The official projection for this winter’s weather from NOAA calls for normal temperatures and above average precipitation in our area.  The two minute video below gives the outlook for the entire USA. Does this mean that we will see more rain than snow?  It does not!  When temperatures are expected to average near normal that […]