Salisbury MD
July to End With Heat and Humidity

July will end pretty much the way it began, with low 90’s heat and humidity.  If we, in fact, top out at 90 degrees or above, as is expected today, then we will have seen precisely 20 days this month that reached 90 degrees!  That represents a really hot month.  Last year, for example, Salisbury […]

Toasty Tuesday

A hot dry sun will greet us again today, with temperatures in the low 90’s. I would say that we’ll rinse and repeat tomorrow, except I don’t know where the rinsing would come from. Wednesday will be hot as well. Maybe we’ll see some rain on Thursday.     SALISBURY WEATHER

Work Week Begins With Heat

The last three days of July promise to bring more 90 degree heat, meaning that the month is certain to end at least 3 degrees above normal. If the remaining three days of July top 90 degrees, as expected, then we will have officially experienced our third heat wave of the summer; a streak of […]

Getting Hotter Over Next Few Days

We’ll see plenty of sunshine today and again for the next few days as July winds down.  Expect temps to reach around 90 degrees today and again tomorrow and beyond as we begin a hot work week on Delmarva. A ridge of high pressure sits just to our south and west.  As it slowly trudges […]

A Dry Weekend Ahead

A dry weekend with warm temperatures in the upper 80’s is on tap for Delmarva. There is no rain in sight for the next few days as temps will slowly climb back towards 90 degrees by Monday. Barring some unforeseen circumstance July stands to end more than 3 degrees above normal.  I wonder what August […]

A Nice Friday Here While Europe Sweats Again

Mostly sunny skies and temperatures near 87 degrees will make for a nice July Friday on Delmarva.  Meanwhile, Europe is undergoing its second record breaking heat wave of the summer.  Paris reached 108 degrees yesterday and the famed Acropolis in Athens was closed to visitors during the afternoon heat. The weekend will remain dry as […]

This is what July is supposed to be like.

We recently experienced two weeks of unrelenting heat on Delmarva followed by a couple of cooler than average days.  The gentle rain that we received on Monday was accompanied by tempertures in the 70’s and yesterday saw temps reach the low 80’s. Today, however, will be the typical July day with partly cloudy skies and […]

Back to Normal

We return to normal today after a nearly two week heat wave that was interrupted by a cold front and thundershowers.  Donald Trump and Robert Mueller headline the national news while here at home the thermometer returns to more normal July levels with highs in the 80’s. Delmarva can expect mixed clouds and sunshine for […]

20 Degrees Cooler Today

Who cares about possibly getting wet today when the temperature will be 20 degrees or more cooler than it has been anywhere on Delmarva for at least two weeks? Many of us will see periods of a gentle soaking rain today with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s. The much cooler temperatures are a […]

The Streak to End at 9

The streak of consecutive days of 90 plus degree heat will end today at 9!  What’s even more remarkable is that 11 of the past 13 days have topped out at 90 or above in Salisbury and the two days that didn’t each reached 89 degrees.  Consequently, another way of looking at our heat wave […]