2019! You can’t make this stuff up!

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Time seemingly travels so quickly for all of us.  Days run into days that run into days and we have a difficult time keeping track of everything.  We can hardly remember what happened last week, let alone what happened last month, or last winter.

Let’s take a look at the noteworthy highs and lows of weather for 2019 in this, my 777th post.  You can’t make this stuff up!

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January, 2019 brought us the season’s most significant snowfall that began on the evening of the 12th and persisted through the weekend into Monday morning, the 14th.  Temperatures for the month averaged a tad above normal and we recorded 3.18 inches of liquid precipitation.  The Midwest and Northeast experienced frigid weather.

February saw just one minor snow event as temps averaged 3.5 degrees above normal.  We recorded our yearly low temperature of 12 degrees on Groundhog Day and then saw the mercury reach 70 degrees just three days later on the 5th.
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March, even though cooler than average, did see us reach 78 degrees on the 30th.  The Midwestern US was on the receiving end of the “bomb cyclone”, which delivered 100 mph winds, blizzards, and heavy rainfall.

April saw temperatures range from a low of 29 to a high of 84 degrees.  The month, on a whole, measured 6.6 degrees above normal.  We did experience April showers, averaging 1.7 inches above average for the month.

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May was sultry and wet.  We received our first 90 degree day of the year on the 15th. The Midwest was subjected to a volatile outbreak of tornadoes.

June was warm and dry on Delmarva.  On the 28th we reached 95 degrees in Salisbury.

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July was hot!  There is no other way to describe it.  It seems to be the easiest month of the year to forecast weather on the Delmarva Peninsula.  With that said, I must admit that I was out of the country for 3 weeks in July and, like the fool that I am, made sure to post my weather forecast each day.  Luckily for me, I was a perfect 21 for 21 in terms of accuracy as we topped 90 degrees on 20 occasions.  Unluckily for me, it was 105 degrees where I was.  Thank you, July!  Salisbury reached its yearly high temperature of 98.4 degrees on July 20.

August saw a continuation of our hot and steamy weather.  We reached 98.4 degrees just as we did in July on August 19.

sharpie weather

September brought Hurricane Dorian and its devastation to the Bahamas before it flirted with the US Southeast coast.  Did you know that it is a violation of Federal Law to knowingly alter a weather forecast and report it?  Apparently, neither did President Trump.  Is this an impeachable offense?

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October of 2019 recorded more record breaking heat on Delmarva. People were beginning to ask “What gives?” as the heat wave continued.

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November in California brought the continuation of deadly and costly wildfire damage whipped up by the seasonal Santa Ana winds.  It makes us thankful for the life and weather on Delmarva.  Our month was drier than normal, but it did break the string of 7 months of above average heat.  The most exciting part of our November was the brief and unexpected 1 inch snowfall that we received on the 12th.

December showed no signs of winter weather around our parts.  In fact, we stayed drier than normal with temperatures hovering right around normal.  Santa Claus was able to make his rounds and then the year ended with a record breaking temperature of 71 degrees, just yesterday, on the 30th.  The biggest weather news of the month, and possibly the year, was quite huuuuge! You can’t make this stuff up!

2019 recorded some unusual trends.

  • Only two months, March and November, ended with below average temperatures.
  • The other ten months of the year all ended with above average temps.
  • Both April and May averaged more than 6 degrees above normal.
  • There was a period of 7 consecutive months (April through October) that averaged above normal temps.
  • Our wettest month was April and our driest month was October.
  • Remarkably the year finished with 7 consecutive months with below average precipitation.
  • We finished the year with precipitation amounts registering more than 7 inches below normal.
  • 2019 averaged 2.6 degrees above normal.  Our highest recorded temperature was 98 degrees and the yearly low was 12 degrees.

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As the sun sets on 2019 we can prepare to pretend to make resolutions for next year.  I’ll try to limit my forecast “boo boos” and strive for a 20/20 forecast vision in 2020.  I’m sure that won’t last long!

Now, for those of you who came here to see what today’s weather forecast holds, I thank you for reading my rant, and give you mostly sunny skies and 52 degrees!




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