Salisbury MD
Aug 31/Out With A Bang!

Lightning and a booming clap of thunder had me jump right out of bed at 2:26 this morning. It was obviously a nearby strike. My internet service just came back online to give me the opportunity to make this weather post. As soon as the sun rises I want to get outside and see if […]

Aug 30/Another Hot One

Today should be the last day of the August heat wave as a cold front approaches from the west late in the day and gives us a chance of thunderstorms on Friday.  The days that follow should be more comfortable even though the chances of scattered showers will stick around.

Aug 29/Sweltering Wednesday

Sweltering heat prevails on the east coast today and again on Thursday even though September is right around the corner.  Take a look at the 5 AM temperatures around Salisbury this morning and just imagine what this afternoon will be like. This afternoon will be quite warm and humid.  Thursday continues the trend as we […]

Aug 28/Hot Times

Fifty years ago today 10,000 Vietnam war protesters battled 26,000 police and National Guardsmen outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.  The nation was torn apart by the Vietnam war.  In just five months preceding the convention President Lyndon Johnson declined to seek the Democrat nomination and the country witnessed the assassinations of Martin Luther […]

Aug 27/A Nice Warm Monday

This eagle, that I photographed this summer, will have good hunting weather today as temperatures soar into the low 90’s under mostly sunny skies.  Today, I think, is the first of at least 4 days of 90 degree weather.

Aug 26/It’s Only Been 98 Years

Today is the anniversary of the adoption of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote in the United States. Did you know that the number of registered female voters is considerably higher than the number of male voters?  Just under 74% of eligible women are registered to vote while only about 64% of […]

Aug 24/Splendid Friday Weather

The weather should be splendid today as we kick off a beautiful August weekend. We should see brilliant sunshine today and a few clouds tomorrow.  Next week promises a return to the heat.

Aug 23/Still Have Month Of Summer

Don’t forget that despite the approaching school year that a month of summer still remains.  Today and tomorrow should be gorgeous with comfortable temperatures and lower humidity.  Enjoy!

Aug 22/Good Day For Carpool Karaoke

Late night host James Corden celebrates his 40th birthday today.  You’re never too old for a little carpool karaoke.  Just keep your eyes on the road and your seat belt buckled.  Oh, and don’t forget the wipers if it rains.