People get hot for different reasons.

Today, like yesterday, is expected to be warm. Yes, the ring of fire still has our attention as Thursday will compete with yesterday’s 92 degrees for the warmest day of 2019. Yes, we’ll reach the 90’s again today under partly cloudy skies before things become cooler on Friday by close to 10 degrees.  Of course, […]

National Burger Day brings the heat.

Expect temperatures to rise into the upper 80’s today, National Burger Day,  and tomorrow before they likely reach the sweltering 90’s by Thursday. The record breaking heat that has battered the southeastern United States for the last week is beginning to creep northward. It additionally brings with it the increased chances of thunderstorms. Cities in […]

Is it OK to barbecue on Memorial Day?

I love a good barbecue, but sometimes I feel guilty thinking that possibly we don’t always take the time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day.  Maybe I’m not alone in that feeling.  After all, it was not until 1971, during the height of the Vietnam war, that Memorial Day became a national holiday […]

Summer unofficially kicks off today!

Mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80’s will greet us today for the “unofficial” first day of summer.  This follows last night’s brief passing of thunderstorms that dropped just .16 inches of rain at this blog’s weather station. While the summer solstice will not occur for three more weeks the weekend leading up […]

The heat and humidity will begin to creep back in.

We’ve enjoyed two nice days this week. Mid 80’s temperatures will return today and the increased chances for showers will return by tomorrow morning. The period of pleasant days and crisp nights is coming to an end. It is expected that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will be a warm one with temperatures reaching 90 […]

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