Did Donald Duck Dorian?

Weather officials have been saying for many days that Hurricane Dorian possesses near certain potential to wreak havoc on US interests, first in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and then the US mainland. President Trump’s initial response was to remove $155,000,000 from the FEMA budget and give it instead to ICE efforts on the […]

Get Ready to Fire Up the Grill this weekend

While Florida braces for a likely direct hit from Hurricane Dorian residents of Delmarva will be soaking up the sunshine and preparing to enjoy outdoor activities. Sunshine dominates our forecast through the Labor Day weekend with low humidity and temps in the mid 80’s. Enjoy the weather while keeping an eye on Dorian to see […]

Mostly Sunny for a few days and then all bets are off!

More clouds than I expected hung around for us yesterday.  Sorry about that!  We did, however, reach the low 80’s for the first time in 5 days, so the weather is slowly returning to a more summer like pattern. I expect a good bit of sunshine for Delmarva, with temps in the mid 80’s, into […]

One Last Cloudy Day Before Things Change

Overcast skies with temps near 80 degrees is the expected outlook for all of Delmarva today.  Tomorrow will bring partly sunny skies and normal temps in the mid 80’s. Then end of the week appears to offer us abundant sunshine with highs in the upper 80’s offering good opportunities for families to enjoy the outdoors […]

Enjoy Cool Weather While Watching Tropics

I’d imagine that many of us are enjoying being able to wake up to September like temperatures during the recent mornings.  We’ll see that again tomorrow and probably on Tuesday as well. Daytime highs are again expected to reach close to 80 degrees today under partly cloudy skies.  I don’t think we’ll reach the mid […]

A Slow Hurricane Season Thus Far

Tropical activity has been quite low thus far this year.  Much of the potential development, with the exception of Barry in early July, has been inhibited by the influx of dust being transported aloft from Africa towards the Caribbean. Historically the peak of the hurricane season occurs between August 20 and September 11 of each […]

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