Salisbury MD
The sun sets on November.

The sun will set on November, breaking our streak of 6 consecutive months with above average temperatures.  We can only wonder what this portends for the upcoming winter. High temperatures for today and tomorrow should be in the low 50’s with slight chances of showers on both days.   Right now, Sunday looks to be rather […]

November weather was not born to be mild!

Time flies and we think that everything changes dramatically when, in fact, things pretty much stay the same. Nearly all of us are familiar with the “Easy Rider” theme song, “Born to be Wild”, recorded by Steppenwolf in 1968.  It helped make stars out of Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. Most of us don’t know […]

Nobody can escape having a bad hair day today!

The winds will howl today, under partly cloudy skies, making it feel colder than the expected high temperature in the mid 40’s.  Nobody, unless you’re bald, escapes the wind today. Clearly, there was no collusion with Mother Nature to obstruct the wind! Thursday will remain cold with an abundance of sunshine.

Colder air returns today.

Expect sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 40’s today.  Overnight lows should be near freezing. The rest of the work week will remain below average with quite windy conditions tomorrow.  The next warm up should come in time for the weekend.  At this time it looks like there could be some rain come the […]

Rolling, rolling, rolling towards the end of November!

Music icon Tina Turner celebrates her 78th birthday today.  Let’s look at today’s weather as we roll towards the end of November. Showers will appear by midday on Delmarva and end late in the day as temperatures remain in the 50’s to near 60 degrees.  The colder air will return tomorrow and stick around for […]

Very Nice Sunday

Let’s hope that everyone gets an opportunity to take advantage of a beautiful late November Sunday on Delmarva.  Expect vibrant sunshine with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 50’s. Temperatures will remain comfortable on Monday as well despite some showers.  Cooler weather is expected to return on Tuesday and linger for the remainder of the […]

Saturday will see warmer weather with rain developing.

The sudden warm up from the recent cold snap comes with a price as rain should develop by the afternoon. Sunday should be absolutely beautiful with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 50’s.  It looks like showers will return for Monday as temperatures are likely to remain rather mild.

We’re going Cold Turkey today.

Today will not feel like a typical Thanksgiving, but instead will feel more like the middle of January.  It is unlikely that today’s high temperature will surpass the mid 30’s.  Don’t plan on thawing  your turkey outside! Tonight’s low temperature will dip into the teens, which is a far cry from typical November weather. Tomorrow […]

Drive safely for Thanksgiving.

It is almost a guarantee, with millions of Americans on the road for Thanksgiving, that someone’s family dinner will be ruined because of at least one selfish and careless driver.  Don’t be the one.  Put it down!  Better yet, don’t pick it up in the first place. If  you’re driving today on Delmarva you’ll experience […]