Salisbury MD
Mar 31/50 Years Ago Today Nobody Cared About the Weather!

50 years ago today President Lyndon Johnson, in a nationwide speech on TV, stunned the nation by announcing that he would not seek, nor would he accept, the nomination of his party for the office of President of the United States. Coupled with the increasing number of protests against the Vietnam war Johnson’s speech set […]

Mar 29/No Matter the Weather, There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve had a life long love affair with baseball.  That makes today, Opening Day in Major League Baseball, as special to me as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are to most.  There is something special about a game with no clock that is truly never over until it’s over. Last spring, as pictured above, the […]

Mar 28/Go Gaga For Warmer Weather

Lady Gaga celebrates birthday number 32 today.  She’d have to put on her “Poker Face” in order to convince everyone that we are having such lovely March weather. We’re still looking for 60 degrees this month.  I think we find it today! Assuming we reach the 60’s today it will end a month long streak […]

Mar 27/Boring Tuesday

Did you know research indicates that Tuesday is the most boring day of the week? So, there you have it…an excuse to be bored today! Now, tomorrow will be a different story. Wednesday will see the thermometer top 60 degrees for the first time in March and, in fact, since we topped that mark on […]

Mar 26/Will Today Be Supreme?

Did you know that Diana Ross and the Supremes recorded a song called “Bad Weather” in 1973? I didn’t either until I did a little research and found that today is Ross’ 73rd birthday. We won’t have bad weather today, but neither will it be supreme! The cool pattern continues. There is, however, hope that […]

Mar 25/Maryland Day Weather

Maryland Day commemorates the March 25, 1634 settlement of St. Clements Island, now know as St. Mary’s City.  Today, Maryland’s 384th birthday, will see variably cloudy skies with continued cooler than normal temperatures.

Mar 24/Might Take Magic to Escape This Weather

Escape artist and magician Harry Houdini was born on this date in 1874. If he were alive today I’m sure he’d hatch a plan to escape this dreadfully cool spring weather. The cool pattern continues on Delmarva for the next several days. We’re still looking for 60 degrees. Maybe it comes towards the end of […]

Mar 23/Sunshine on a Muddy Day

The colder than average spring weather continues, but at least it is Friday! On this Friday, where the snowfall has been replaced by puddles of water and mud, I would like to honor my friend, Jennifer Mudd, a finalist for Teacher of the Year in Wicomico County.  Congratulations to her, and winner Lisa Nicholson McKinnon!  […]

Mar 22/The Good, The Bad, & The Yummy!

Here is a quick review of my last post. It did snow. It didn’t snow as much as I thought it would. The tacos were delicious! The Good:  Overall, I was pleased that I was able to foresee our first full day of spring snowfall as far back as March 13.  I enjoyed following its […]