Now is the time for all good men …

Sometimes the weather can wait.  Today is one such day. If you can’t wait, just scroll to the bottom. Senators, sitting as jurors in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, may be forced to prioritize “party” and “country”. It got me thinking about learning to type years ago when I was instructed to incessantly peck […]

Looking for answers to more questions

We’re all full of questions, some of which may be answered by questions relayed through Chief Justice Roberts to both sides in the Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump. I have other questions, too, when it comes to what goes through the minds of so many Americans.  For example, did you know that the third most […]

Questions About a Stormy Weekend

Today will give us lots of sun and a few passing clouds with temperatures remaining tn the upper 40’s.  Temps will remain nearly steady as clouds increase tomorrow. A large storm system is still in the process of building across the southern plains and is expected to intensify once it nears the southeast coast towards […]

Partly Sunny and Dry

After a wet Saturday we will return to mixed clouds and sunshine and dryer conditions with highs reaching about 50 degrees. It has certainly been an active stretch of weather across the Northwest so far this year, with no end in sight for the days to come: — AccuWeather (@breakingweather) January 25, 2020 […]

Pettifogging is not allowed here

Thank you, Chief Justice Roberts, for my new favorite word.  I’ll be sure to follow your lead and report nothing petty regarding today’s weather…just the bigly stuff! Expect increasingly cloudy skies with a high temperature near 51 degrees.  That number…51…seems to be popping up in the news a lot lately, as in 47 Democrats plus […]

Mostly Sunny Under a Cloud of Impeachment

No matter which side of the impeachment debate you are on you will probably agree that, until this matter is resolved, our entire nation will be living under a figurative cloud. If you look skyward today you will see more sun than clouds with a high temperature shooting back into the lower 40’s…a number reminiscent […]

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