May 31/Last Day of May Means Last Day of School is Near

Today’s topic, children, is meteorology.  It will be warmer today with scattered meteors throughout the universe.  That will be followed by grilled cheese, chips, fruit cocktail and milk, of course!  When the bell rings, please go directly home, get a healthy snack and a good night’s sleep.  By all means,  please stay away from social […]

May 28/Early Showers Followed By Clouds Today

Folks on Delmarva this morning should be happy that we only received a little over an inch of rain in last evening’s thunderstorm.  Ellicott City was devastated for the second time in two years with over 10 inches of rain.  While we still have a chance of showers today we are, more than likely, in […]

May 25/Sunshine Followed By Moonshine! I Mean Moonlight!

President Kennedy’s call to put a man on the moon was made on this date in 1961.  Just 8 years and a couple of man’s later Neil Armstrong became that man.  Enjoy today’s weather and then tonight sneak a peek at the moon and think about the magnitude of that historic endeavor that captured the […]

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