You can read the next sentence, but don’t dare sing it!

“Baby,, it’s cold outside!”  I suppose it may be OK to hum along.  I have not been told!  As soon as someone on social media gives me the answer I’ll pass it along to you.  In the meantime, use your best judgement! Temperatures began to drop like a brick yesterday afternoon.  Combined with the winds most […]

Put me on ice if I’m wrong!

I’m under the impression that the local weather forecasters are underestimating the effects of tonight’s weather.  It is still raining, but the temperature has dramatically dropped by over 9 degrees in the last few hours. I expect the temps to continue to drop steadily and that the precipitation, currently falling at a light right, will […]

We may be about to experience a “flash freeze” tonight!

Don’t be fooled by the early day mild temperatures today.  They won’t last!  We could be in store for a “flash freeze” overnight as temperatures plunge into the low 20’s causing any moisture on the ground and roadways to freeze in an instant, thus making everything a thin sheet of ice!  That scenario is likely […]

This is a repost from yesterday that, for some reason, some of my subscribers did not receive. I wanted to be sure that they were aware of how thankful I am for their dedication. At the very bottom of this post I have information on tomorrow night’s icy forecast?

Happy Anniversary to me and my weather blog.  I made my first weather post on January 27 of last year just for kicks and I must admit the kicks have been fun.  Thanks for the memories! For the first couple of weeks I had 3 loyal followers:  my wife, my son, and my mother!  I […]

The spotlight was on Delmarva 40 years ago today.

“Conservation is not an Eastern Shore practice, whether it concerns birds or crabs.”  That is one of the quotes I obtained from a review of James Michener’s historical fiction novel, “Chesapeake” , which brought much attention to our little piece of heaven. The novel held the number one spot for the first 6 weeks of 1979, 40 […]

This weather forecast, just like Robert Mueller, leaves no “stone” unturned.

I had trouble sleeping last night so I’m up at 2:12 writing this post.  I have a lot on my mind.  My concern about the current state of affairs in our country got the best of me so I thought writing about it in a somewhat humorous fashion might get me to the weather forecast […]

My weather station started transmitting to the internet 15 years ago today.

Even though I have been recording weather data since I was young it was on this date in 2004 that I finally obtained the capability of transmitting my data continuously to the internet. I have been transmitting continuously except for those occasions when the power is out or my internet service is down.  Whether I […]

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