The nice weather continues with less humidity and highs near 80.

Today may likely be a perfect late September Friday as temperatures cool off to near 80 degrees under partly cloudy skies.  The humidity levels will be lower,  making us feel more comfortable, as winds blow from the northeast on Delmarva. Wonderful  conditions should last through the weekend as no rain is in sight.   SALISBURY […]

If you liked yesterday you’ll like today.

Just like yesterday today will bring sunshine and high temperatures just above 80 degrees to the Salisbury area.  That is a recipe for happiness on an early fall day. Thursday should be warmer with temps rising back into the mid to upper 80’s with plenty of sunshine sticking around. SALISBURY WEATHER

Do you dress for the calendar or the weather?

Personally, I feel it makes more sense to dress for the weather. I’d like to think that the recent hot and dry spell supports my take on this. There will be those, however, who insist on wearing bulky fall sweaters and jackets as they sip on their pumpkin spice beverages. Oh, well! There will be […]

First Day of Fall Feels Like Summer

Fall officially arrived for us at 3:50 AM, but Summer didn’t get the memo.  We reached 90 degrees yesterday and will come very close to that today.. The entire first week of autumn should give us summer like temperatures with nearly every day in the 80’s.  The dry period will extend through the end of […]

Today will be a Chamber of Commerce type of day for Sunfest in Ocean City.

Sunshine and temperatures near 87 degrees will showcase Ocean City and the rest of Delmarva today…the last full day of summer. When autumn arrives tomorrow you can expect it to still feel like summer. There is little to add to this spectacular forecast, so I won’T. SALISBURY WEATHER

Summer’s Last Weekend to be Super!

It doesn’t get much better than this!  The last weekend of summer will bring us warm sunny skies with temps reaching the mid 80’s.  It is a great way to end our summer for sure. The nice weather may even stick around into the early days of autumn next week as high pressure dominates the […]

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