2020 Milestones

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January 1:  The new year begins with abundant sunshine.
January 3: The first rainfall of 2020 yields .38 inches in Salisbury.
January 10:  We topped 60 degrees for the first time in 2020 when we reached 63.6 degrees at 3:30 PM.
January 11: After the first 10 days of the new year we are averaging 7.6 degrees above normal and have already topped yesterday’s high when we reached 64.1 degrees at 9:55 AM.

January 12:  We’re waking up to record breaking warmth.

January 17: Today was the first day this year where we did not reach 40 degrees. Our high temp was 37.7 degrees at 2:30 PM.
January 22:  Now that we have passed the 3 week mark of the new year it is remarkable that even with the recent cold temperatures we are averaging 6.8 degrees above normal for January.
January 25:  Today is the first day of 2020 where Salisbury recorded at least an inch of rain.  It happened just after 9 AM.
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January 31:  The month comes to a close with some light rain.  We averaged a whopping 5.7 degrees above normal.

February 8:  Delmarva’s first substantial rain storm ended today with 2.21 inches of rain.

February 9:  For the first time this month the mercury dipped to 32 degrees at 7:11 this morning.  Still the month of February is averaging 9.7 degrees above normal.

February 15:  The coolest temperature of the year thus far was recorded at 19.5 degrees at 6:45 AM.

February 20:  We still have received no snow this winter, but we got perilously close today as a southern storm dropped a few inches on southeast Virginia and North Carolina.


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