Salisbury MD

Mid 80’s for this 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

22 years ago today American Airlines Flight 77 plunged into the Pentagon in Arlington, VA killing 189 people. Ironically, the groundbreaking of the Pentagon occurred on September 11, 1941…60 years ago to the day.

Temperatures in the mid-Atlantic on that infamous date reached about 80 degrees in most locations, including Salisbury. Skies were a cloudless blue.

Today, after some early morning fog, Salisbury can expect partly cloudy skies with temperatures reaching about 85 degrees. There is a chance of scattered showers. Tomorrow will offer similar conditions with perhaps a bit more sunshine.

While showers could pop up in isolated areas they are really not expected to be widespread until perhaps Wednesday.

Later in the week the mid-Atlantic beaches should be experiencing rough surf conditions as Hurricane Lee continues its path to the north. Currently, the direct threat to our area seems to be quite unlikely. Check on its path regularly to make sure that its path does not suddenly change.

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