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Most wonderful time of the year

Did you know that more people have been born throughout the years on September 9 than on any other date? Even one of your weather blogger’s sisters celebrates a birthday today. Don’t you wonder what is so special about September 9? Well, just count back about 40 weeks. Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Comedians Bill Murray and Adam Sandler celebrate birthdays today. The late singer Otis Redding was also born on this date.

Those celebrating birthdays today on Delmarva will do so under a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures reaching about 87 degrees…a refreshing drop from days recently passed. There is a slight chance of a scattered thunderstorm.

A chance of scattered thunderstorms will exist again on Sunday when the first full day of NFL action takes place. Temps should reach about 84 degrees. Pretty comfy!

Again, do not forgot about the potential threat posed by Hurricane Lee. Notice from the graphic above that the turn to the north is expected sometime in about one week. We just do not yet know where that turn will take place.

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