Salisbury MD

Mostly Sunny for a few days and then all bets are off!

dorian 2

More clouds than I expected hung around for us yesterday.  Sorry about that!  We did, however, reach the low 80’s for the first time in 5 days, so the weather is slowly returning to a more summer like pattern.

I expect a good bit of sunshine for Delmarva, with temps in the mid 80’s, into the weekend.  What happens after that is highly dependent upon the path of what we hope are the remains of Dorian.  Dorian doesn’t have me on speed dial so I can only guess.  I don’t like my chances guessing about a hurricane that is days away from either affecting us or not.

Hurricane Dorian passed over Puerto Rico and is now headed towards a probable landfall in Florida as a strong storm near Labor Day.  Landfall is currently predicted to be somewhere in the “cone” that is displayed in the image above.


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