Salisbury MD

Enjoy Cool Weather While Watching Tropics


I’d imagine that many of us are enjoying being able to wake up to September like temperatures during the recent mornings.  We’ll see that again tomorrow and probably on Tuesday as well.

Daytime highs are again expected to reach close to 80 degrees today under partly cloudy skies.  I don’t think we’ll reach the mid 80’s again until Wednesday.

In the meantime, there are two systems of low pressure to our south and southeast that bear watching as hints abound that we may soon have two tropical storms on our hands.  The one that is currently off the coast of Florida near the Bahamas is responsible for battering the southeast coast with wind and rain.  The expectation is that it will parallel the coast and then move out to sea.  It bears watching as a precaution.

The other system is bearing towards the Lesser Antilles. It has the potential to develop as well. It has just been named tropical storm Dorian.


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