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May Day, May Day! Is the warmth here to stay?

happy may dayDespite some clouds the month of May will begin with temperatures near 80 degrees. In fact, the first three days of the month should be warm before things likely cool down a bit for the weekend.

April 2019 turned out to be much warmer and wetter than normal. The month ended about 6.4  degrees above normal with more than an inch and a quarter more rainfall than is normal.  The year as a whole is averaging nearly a degree above normal.

Yesterday was also the warmest day of the year at 84 degrees. That record may not last for long. Winter is certainly behind us.

Tomorrow may well be the first day of 2019 that will feel downright hot! The upper 80’s will not be out of the question. Its time to get the kids dancing around the maypole! Do our kids even know what a maypole is? I’m sure there’s an app for that!


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