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Did Donald Duck Dorian?

dorian trump tweet

Weather officials have been saying for many days that Hurricane Dorian possesses near certain potential to wreak havoc on US interests, first in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and then the US mainland.

President Trump’s initial response was to remove $155,000,000 from the FEMA budget and give it instead to ICE efforts on the southern border of the US.

President Trump’s next act was to send Vice President Pence to Poland because he was needed here in order to respond to Hurricane Dorian. See for yourself here.

Fortunately, Dorian skirted Puerto Rico but now is, in fact, bearing down on Florida.

Where in Florida?  Let’s hear it from the president himself!

Well, there you have it. No lie! Does that make you feel better about all of this? I’m just asking!

As for us, we will continue to enjoy great weather over the upcoming Labor Day weekend with mid to upper 80’s warmth and dry conditions despite passing clouds from time to time.


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