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You can read the next sentence, but don’t dare sing it!

baby its colc outside“Baby,, it’s cold outside!”  I suppose it may be OK to hum along.  I have not been told!  As soon as someone on social media gives me the answer I’ll pass it along to you.  In the meantime, use your best judgement!

Temperatures began to drop like a brick yesterday afternoon.  Combined with the winds most of us will be braving dangerous wind chill conditions as we head out today.  Here is a look at the 5 AM temps around the Salisbury area.

5am lows

Temps will not escape the mid 20’s today and tonight we will dip back down into the teens.  Friday is expected to be overcast with highs in the 30’s.

We are lucky on Delmarva compared to other parts of the US.  So far, 8 deaths have been contributed to the cold Arctic air.  You know it’s cold when:

  • The postal service stops delivering mail in parts of 10 states.
  • A person can suffer instant frostbite just by stepping outside for as little as 4 seconds.
  • The police ask burglars to not go outside and commit crimes because they’ll probably die.


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