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January is behind us. What awaits?

roller coasterHumans are creatures with selective memories.  While all of us remember the brutally cold air that overwhelmed us at the end of the month, how many of us remember some of the mild days we had?  To put things in perspective, January 2019 ended up being a nearly normal January.  It actually ended .5 degrees ABOVE normal.

I find it interesting that our warmest day of the month occurred on New Year’s Day at 65 degrees while the coldest day of the month was the 31st at 25 degrees.

Today will be cloudy with highs in the mid 30’s.  There will be a slight chance of light afternoon snow.  Sunny skies return for Saturday.

If you love roller coasters you will enjoy the February thaw that will last about 5 days or so beginning on Super Bowl Sunday.  We’ll be experiencing temperatures that range from the mid 50’s to perhaps as high as the mid 60’s.  I have friends who will break out the shorts.  I will not be one, because I know how roller coasters work!

Here is one last reminder:  There are still 27 days, after today, left in February.  Keep the long johns handy.


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