Salisbury MD
Put me on ice if I’m wrong!

I’m under the impression that the local weather forecasters are underestimating the effects of tonight’s weather.  It is still raining, but the temperature has dramatically dropped by over 9 degrees in the last few hours. I expect the temps to continue to drop steadily and that the precipitation, currently falling at a light right, will…

Renegade Snow Showers

There appears to be a line of light snow showers that will pass through our area an hour or two this morning…kind of a surprise precursor to what follows tonight.  Some of us could pick up a light dusting prior to the temperatures warming up.

We may be about to experience a “flash freeze” tonight!

Don’t be fooled by the early day mild temperatures today.  They won’t last!  We could be in store for a “flash freeze” overnight as temperatures plunge into the low 20’s causing any moisture on the ground and roadways to freeze in an instant, thus making everything a thin sheet of ice!  That scenario is likely…