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I’m not horsin’ around anymore!

snow horseLast weekend, on the one year anniversary of this weather blog, I made a rather lengthy post wherein I took the time to thank specific individuals for their reading allegiances.  As things would have it, when you try to remember who to thank, you will clearly overlook someone.

So, is it better to thank no one, or should I simply continue to thank people when it is determined that I have overlooked them?  I’m going with the latter and not horsing around anymore!

I found out a couple of days ago that I forgot to send a “shout out” to my horse lovin’ science teacher friend.  So here goes.  I’ll call her Mrs. Deb…sorta like Mr. Ed.  You know, she likes to hear herself talk and is good for a few laughs,  but, unlike Mr. Ed, she can walk on her hind legs.  Thank you Mrs. Deb and make sure you bundle up the ponies for the next few nights.  And, whatever you do, don’t put ice skates on them.

no horses on iceSo, here is my horsecast forecast, of course, of course!  Let’s start with last evening.  As you can see in the following two data graphs from my weather station the predominant rainfall occurred prior to the dramatic temperature plunge.  In fact, all of the precipitation had ended, even the light snow we had, prior to the mercury hitting 32 degrees.

With that said, the temperatures have steadily declined since 1:00 AM and are now in the low to mid 20’s across Delmarva.  As I compose this post at 5 AM I can report that my deck and sidewalks are a bit icy.  I would expect there to be slick spots on roads, bridges, and overpasses as well.

The biggest issue today, under mostly sunny skies, is that the winds should blow at a pretty steady 25 mph or so with possible gusts over 40 mph.  We could even see a brief wind swept snow flurry this afternoon. As temperatures plunge this evening towards 10 degrees then we will be dealing with very low wind chill factors.

Bundle up tonight and be thankful that you’re not in the upper mid west where wind chills may dip to -70 degrees.  Also be prepared for an even colder day for us on Thursday when we will not get out of the 20’s.


*An just for horse kicks…I leave you with the following math problem.  Simply post your correct answer here and I’ll write my next post explaining to everybody how smart you are.  And, on top of that, I’ll continue to give you my free take on the weather.  What do you say to that?  “Well, thaaaaaaaanks,Wilbur!”

horse math

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