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Sep 12/Delmarva Devastation? I Think NOT!

flo 5While a devastating hurricane is headed for a landfall in the Carolinas, we on Delmarva can probably breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m not a professional meteorologist and I can’t read Mother Nature’s mind.  Heck, I can’t even read my wife’s mind!  I do think, however, that Delmarva will likely escape Hurricane Florence’s wrath.  Our good luck, however, is someone else’s misfortune.

That does not mean that our weather will be beautiful.  We can expect our fair share of rain, some breezy conditions, storm surge on the coast, and some flooding in areas that are prone to that on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Weather models are indicating that Florence will come ashore somewhere in the Carolina’s, sit and spin for a few days, before moving inland.  Where it goes after that is a mystery at this point, so we need to keep an active eye on its movement.

Delmarva will certainly not experience hurricane force winds and, at this point in time, will probably not experience tropical storm force winds either.

It appears as though we can expect off and on showers and thunderstorms with, perhaps, an accumulation of a couple of inches of rain between now and Monday morning.  We will even see peeks of sunshine.  Since our grounds are already saturated problems can still exist.  Do not,  however, let down your guard!

Today on Delmarva should begin with some fog.  After all, my weather station recorded exactly 3 inches of rain in 3 hours yesterday afternoon.  Let us be thankful as we look forward to today’s forecast.




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