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Sep 11/Mid Atlantic Catastrophe Brewing

flo 4Hurricane Florence is a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph as of this morning heading WNW on a track that makes a beeline towards the mid Atlantic coast.

A landfall later in the week is a near certainty.  Where it lands is still an unknown.  Please be advised that the map above indicates the best estimate of where the eye of the storm will be at a given time with the understanding that the eye could be anywhere within the circular cone.  Delmarva and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay are certainly in play at this point in time and residents of our area would be foolish to ignore that.

Hurricane Watches are posted already as far north as the North Carolina/Virginia border.  The US Navy has already sent its Hampton Roads/Norfolk fleets to sea and coastal areas of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina are already undergoing evacuations.

Closer to home Accomack County Schools on Virginia’s Eastern Shore are closed for the remainder of the week.

When Florence comes ashore it is expected to stall and drop heavy rainfall over a widespread area.  Some folks, unfortunately, are going to measure the rainfall in feet  rather than inches.

As far as today goes on Delmarva, we can expect warm conditions with a chance of thunderstorms.  A heavy early morning fog has delayed schools in the area.




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