I have questions. Does this week offer answers?

There is much on my mind as we enter the first full week of 2021. Some of the questions about which I’m concerned surround public health, political turmoil, and, of course, the weather.

This week will offer us more clues as to whether Americans are effectively combating the coronavirus pandemic. Can we bring down the number of hospitalizations? Can we reduce the rate of infection? Can we look forward to a day where mask wearing is no longer essential?

Tuesday’s runoff election for Senator in the State of Georgia will give us clues about the power structure in the next US Congress. Will Republicans hold onto the two seats or will newly elected Democrats alter the balance of power?

Wednesday brings the showdown between Republicans who are siding with the President in attempting to overturn an election and our democracy that is grounded in the Constitution. Will the will of the people be upheld? Are we about to witness the death of the GOP? Is our nation again facing the possibility of being torn apart by civil unrest?

Each day this week is expected to see daytime high temperatures in the 40’s with no rain in sight until perhaps Friday. Is there a chance of seeing snow?

I do not have the certain answers to any of these questions, but I can tell you that weather models are currently suggesting a slight chance of overnight snow showers on Friday into Saturday. That, of course, is open to modification as the next few days pass.


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