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Halloween brings bats without balls.

halloween sun

The World Series came to an end last night as the Washington Nationals rallied to win game 7 over the Houston Astros.  I wonder what most people in DC will be talking about today!

Since baseball has ended we will no longer see bats and balls.  We’ll only see bats among a few costumed characters tonight! We’ll also see a few morning showers before a mostly warm and dry day provides a nice night for trick or treaters.

Speaking of balls…did you notice how the giant orange ball in the sky, our Sun, is all decked out for Halloween?  The image above was recorded within the past couple of weeks by NASA.

A few showers are around this morning.  The winds will increase as the day wears on today and it is possible that showers and thunderstorms may redevelop in the late evening.  By the time tomorrow morning arrives we can expect much cooler temperatures than we have seen in a while.

Enjoy your mid to upper 70’s today as tomorrow will remind us that the first day of November just inches us closer to the start of winter.  We’ll be in the upper 50’s.


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