Salisbury MD

It seems like only yesterday that it was 80 degrees under DC storm clouds!

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And it was!  What a difference a day makes.  In fact, what a difference 12 hours or so makes.  We can only wonder what November holds!

The dramatic drop in temperatures occurred with the passing of a cold front containing showers and thunderstorms last night that will leave us with a high temperature in the mid 50’s for this, the first day of November.

Our warm Halloween left us with an October 2019 that was 5 degrees above normal.  October represents the 7th consecutive month with above average temps.  It also left us looking back at 5 consecutive months with below normal precipitation.  What gives?

We can look forward to several days of sunny skies and temperatures that feel more like fall.  Tomorrow morning we are even likely to wake up in the 30’s for just the second time since April.


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