Salisbury MD

You don’t have to go to the beach to see ocean waves.

breaking wave cloudsI marvel at Mother Nature sometimes.  The “ocean wave” clouds that are pictured here were seen in the mountains of Virginia this week as the mid-Atlantic dealt with the pesky stationary front that brought waves of scattered thunderstorms to most of us.

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds (I had to look that up!) rarely form under just the right conditions.  Different layers of the atmosphere have different wind speeds and when they appear just right in combination with each other this phenomenon occurs.  (I knew that!  I bet the recently famous Jeopardy champ knew all of that!)

After waking to temperatures in the upper 50’s we will see the mercury climb into the mid 80’s today under brilliant sunshine.

The sunshine continues on Monday with temps rising to the upper 80’s.


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