Salisbury MD

Where’s winter?

waldoIt might be easier finding Waldo!  Here we are a full week into 2019 and we’ve seen nothing on Delmarva that resembles winter.

Yesterday was simply a beautiful January day.  Just one week into our new year we are averaging what seems like a balmy 9 to 10 degrees above normal.

Today, at least temperature wise, will feel wintry with high temperatures settling in the low 40’s.  Clouds will roll in during the afternoon and you’ll swear it feels like snow is on the way.

While it is possible that we could see some precipitation (rain) overnight into Tuesday morning we have no reason to be excited by potential snowfall…..until perhaps the weekend.  I’ll have more on that as the week progresses.  Tomorrow will warm up to 60 degrees!  You heard me…60!


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