Salisbury MD

Let’s look back at yesterday’s stunning sunrise as we prepare for a warm day.

morning beautyI have so much pity for those who sleep late each morning.  Early risers, like myself, get the opportunity to cherish nature’s beauty even in the winter on Delmarva.  I could not resist sharing yesterday morning’s sunrise with those of you who may have missed it.

Seeing the red sky in the early morning often indicates that clouds can roll in later and sometimes bring along inclement weather.  Of course, we had some showers roll through the area overnight as we begin the day with cloudy skies.

The sunshine will appear later today as temperatures approach 60 degrees.  Winter winds and cooler conditions will return tomorrow.


I know some of you are looking ahead to the weekend and wondering if snow is in the forecast.  Personally, I only take seriously the forecast for the 3 days ahead of us.  I have about a 25% confidence level in anything beyond that.

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