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How about some warmth for your Pi Day!

circles of waterSince today is Pi Day we can celebrate all things circles.  The circle, nature’s most perfect shape, is found in the observations of our weather.

Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, is a constant value that we are unable to write.  The digits after the decimal point never terminate, so we just estimate its value to be about 3.14159… or 3.14 if you wish.  Archimedes, many hundreds of years ago, estimated the value to be about 22/7.  That was a pretty remarkable estimate with the technology of his time.  I bet he could predict the weather, too!

Today’s date, 3/14, also happens to be the birthday of Albert Einstein.  Some of you may recall that Stephen Hawking passed away on this very date last year.

Our Pi Day will see a high temperature of 67 degrees today.  That would be 67 on 3/14/2019.

For you trivia freaks the string “673142019” occurs in pi at a position of 177,928,619 places to the right of the decimal point.  You never know when you’ll be on “Jeopardy”!


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