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This weather forecast, just like Robert Mueller, leaves no “stone” unturned.

roger stoneI had trouble sleeping last night so I’m up at 2:12 writing this post.  I have a lot on my mind.  My concern about the current state of affairs in our country got the best of me so I thought writing about it in a somewhat humorous fashion might get me to the weather forecast so I can go back to bed.   Just so you know, my lame sense of humor is always just that, a lame sense of humor.  My intention is not to offend anyone.  Sometimes we just need to laugh at the otherwise unlaughable (I don’t even know if that’s a word.) moments in our lives.

It matters not to me what my personal feelings are regarding current events or perceived notions of what politicians and celebrities are like.  It is just in my nature to joke around. It wouldn’t change my approach to humor one bit if Hillary Clinton had won the election.  I’d poke fun at her, too!  For example, did you notice that she never wears a blue dress?  If this political battle was not currently taking place I’d find something else to joke about.  Seriously, I would.

We do, however, have this political battle involving a wall and the paychecks of 800,000 Americans.  Were you as comforted as me to find the president and his administration tell us that the grocers would take care of those out of work and that they could take out loans to get by even though we didn’t have the means to repay them?  I thought so!  It brings back memories of “Let them eat cake!”

I must admit that I predicted that the president would change his mind about reopening the government without  getting a single penny for his border wall.  After all, Nancy Pelosi never blinks!

But really, did you ever think somebody in this day and time would have a Richard Nixon tattoo on his back?  I didn’t….so I give you Roger Stone!

roger stone tattooSeriously though, the weather forecast leaves no “stone” unturned over the next week.  A rather typical January weekend, with scattered clouds and temperatures in the 40’s on Saturday and the low 50’s on Sunday, will be followed by another blast of cold Arctic air Tuesday night into Wednesday.

arctic blastThe cold air will then hang around for awhile giving us potentially several opportunities to experience some wintry precipitation.  I emphasize the word “potential” because I do not want to leave any “stone” unturned.

If everything happens to pan out it is possible that we could see snow on the back end of a passing cold front on Tuesday evening into Wednesday.  With the cold air hanging around we could also see the potential for snow on Friday into Saturday as well as Super Bowl Sunday evening into Monday.  These are all possibilities, however, none of them are etched in “stone”.

Got that?  Roger, over and out!


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