Salisbury MD

I’ve been a weather nerd all of my life, and all of my life has been spent in Salisbury, Maryland.  That doesn’t make me an expert but it does give me some insight into historical weather patterns on the Delmarva Peninsula. I’m not sure why weather has become such a passionate following for me.  Perhaps…

Feb 4/Super Bowl or Super Soaker?

You can actually have both today!  While I can’t predict the outcome of today’s game (Are these eagles on ice or can they just fly away at will in search of AFC prey?), I can tell you that rainfall this afternoon and into the evening is highly likely. Mild temperatures today will fall to around,…

Feb 3/Sunny and Cold

This graph shows how the temperatures dropped steadily with the passing of yesterday’s cold front.  Today will be a chilly February day with lots of sunshine. Tomorrow will warm up dramatically under increasingly cloudy skies, only to prepare us for an afternoon and evening of rain.  Temperatures will remain too warm overnight Sunday, much to…

What will the weekend bring?

This can be a boring time of the year unless we get snow or unusually warm temperatures.  Prepare to be bored! Sunny skies and cold weather on Saturday will transition into an afternoon and evening of rain on Sunday.  Who likes that?

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Feb 2/Groundhog Day Forecast

Rain ends early this morning.  This afternoon will become windy with mostly sunny skies.  Temperatures will steadily fall throughout the day as well with overnight readings expected to dip down into the upper teens. Let us not forget the groundhog, Phil!  Phil saw his shadow this morning predicting 6 more weeks of winter.  Of course,…

January 2018 Colder than Normal

Despite temperatures that moderated towards the end of the month January 2018 ended 1.5 degrees colder than normal. The mean high temperature for January was 44.5 degrees and the mean low temperature was 24.6 degrees.  Temperatures dipped below freezing on 23 nights in January and seven of our days saw high temperatures not make it…

Feb 1/Warmer with Overnight Rain

The first day of February will be much warmer.  A cold front will move through overnight bringing rain and wind.  As temperatures plunge overnight it is likely that precipitation will end with snowflakes during tomorrow’s rush hour.  Accumulations, although unlikely, are possible.