Have a nice few days!

Have a nice day today as lower humidity, mixed clouds and sun, and a high temperature near 84 degrees provide the necessary ingredients. In fact, you can probably prepare for at least three comfortable days and comfortable nights. The Northeast will have lower humidity along with cooler and less smoky air on Thursday: […]

Can weather be created?

Wildfires in Oregon, covering an area nearly half the size of Rhode Island, are actually producing their own weather. Pyrocumulus clouds form as a result of the extremely hot air rising into the sky. Condensation occurs, which contributes to the formation of these storm clouds, often leading to dry thunderstorms, which in turn exacerbate the […]

Last Day of Current Heat Wave

Our string of 90 plus degree high temperatures will come to an end today as the thermometer tops 90 for the seventh consecutive day. In addition to anticipated trouble from flash flooding, some of the thunderstorms can become strong enough to produce locally damaging winds and even a few tornadoes on Saturday: — […]

Rinse and Repeat and Look for Relief

Today should be just like yesterday and tomorrow should be just like today. Temperatures remain in the low to mid 90’s with only isolated chances of showers and thunderstorms. Good morning! A pleasant start to the day today with mostly sunny skies! Temps rise into the lower 90s this afternoon with isolated to scattered storms […]

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