Salisbury MD

OOOOOO! What could have been!

In a perfect world, after most of Maryland has experienced an 80 degree day, the Baltimore Orioles would be hosting the Philadelphia Phillies in the first game of MLB’s World Series tonight at Camden Yards. Somewhere along the way, however, both the Orioles and Phillies were eliminated in their quests to reach their goal. Consequently, the World Series will be played in Texas and Arizona. You don’t always get what you want.

So, now that Delmarva baseball fans are deprived of their dream match up this weekend in Baltimore and then on Halloween night in Philadelphia in front of their notoriously rabid fans, we go on with living. Perhaps Baltimore and Philadelphia can meet up in the Super Bowl, as both the Ravens and Eagles are currently soaring high.

In the meantime our area will be dealing with near 80 degree temperatures today, tomorrow, and Sunday. The perfect baseball weather lends itself to many other outdoor activities across the Peninsula.

The warm weather will be displaced by 70 degree temps on Monday before a fall chill envelops the area on Halloween. Tuesday temps will only reach the low to mid 50’s.

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