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Are there any role models left?

Anyone who ever met Brooks Robinson was struck by how friendly he was. He lived his life with dignity and treated every single person with respect. He would speak with you as if he had known you all of his life. Would it not be nice if we all lived our lives that way?

The iconic illustrator Norman Rockwell, known for his depictions of Americana, only included one professional baseball player in any of his artwork. It was Brooks Robinson, who passed away yesterday at the age of 86.

Rockwell did not include Brooks in his painting because he was a baseball player. He included him because he was a great role model who just happened to be a baseball player.

Baltimore and the baseball world have lost a classy role model for our youth. I wonder who Rockwell would paint if he were alive today.

For those too young to have witnessed Robinson’s on the field accomplishments just take a look at this clip from the 1970 World Series when he earned the nickname “Hoover”, the human vacuum cleaner.

Cloudy skies with temperatures just in the mid to upper 60’s remain again today with a slight chance of a shower. Some may be lucky to see the sun pop out for a short time.

A better chance of showers is possible on Thursday as the remains of Hurricane Ophelia continue to drive moisture our way off of the ocean. Temps should reach about 70 degrees.

Friday will bring more of the same with a chance of scattered thunderstorms.

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