Salisbury MD

Ophelia looms on this last full day of summer

Cloudy skies on a Delmarva Friday with high temperatures in the low to mid 70’s is expected to become wet before the end of the day.

A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for the Lower Delmarva Peninsula.

What could become Tropical Storm Ophelia has been building for days off of the Southeast coast and will track directly over the Salisbury area late in the day on Saturday. It will bring with it gusty winds similar to a nor’easter and will potentially drop a month’s worth of rain on many areas. Coastal flooding is expected to be an issue.

Showers may pop up in the daylight hours today before an overnight heavy rainfall is expected. The heavy rainfall will continue into Saturday when we may only reach about 71 degrees or so. Nearly all weather models are projecting multiple inches of rain before it ends sometime on Sunday morning.

Berlin was proactive in canceling its Fiddlers Festival. The Maryland Folk Festival in downtown Salisbury will almost assuredly be a washout.

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