Salisbury MD

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter

Hunter Biden is facing three felony charges. Imagine if he was running for president!

Sorry. Got sidetracked there for a moment about the wrong hunter.

This post is about the Hurricane Hunters. Based in Biloxi, Mississippi, the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron of the US Air Force Reserve is the only organization in the world that conducts flights into weather systems that have or may develop into hurricanes. The data collected helps forecasters with their predictions with regard to the likely path of a storm. It all began in 1943.

The work is not without its dangers as a total of six aircraft have been lost over the years as well as 53 lives. The dangerous but necessary work has increased the accuracy of tropical forecasts over the past few years. The typical hurricane hunter makes just under $90,000 per year. Each hunter apparently has his/her own laptop as well.

Sorry. Got sidetracked again!

The next couple of days should be nice near Salisbury with sunshine and temps near 80 degrees, but there is growing concern about Saturday. A low pressure system off of the Southeast coast may well develop and head towards the mid-Atlantic with a soaking rain. At this time the potential exists for quite an event as pictured here.

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