Salisbury MD

Fact: Yesterday was Salisbury’s hottest day of 2023

Opinion: It could possibly be warmer than yesterday’s 95 degrees today.

It has not been verified but it would seem rare that the warmest day of any year could be in September. The DC area reached 99 degrees while Baltimore and Dulles Airport touched 100 degrees yesterday and could do it as well today.

The unusually hot conditions are expected to persist through the remainder of the week with a good chance of scattered thunderstorms over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday temps should reach the upper 80’s; still warm by September standards.

All eyes are on the developing Hurricane Lee which is tracking a path that takes it just north of Puerto Rico. Almost all weather models are anticipating a Category 4, if not 5, hurricane in the days ahead. Residents all up and down the East Coast and Bermuda should be aware that its affects could be felt by as early as next weekend. It is too early to say with clarity. We should hope it makes a turn to the north.

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