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Does everybody have a conspiracy theory?

Apparently lots of people go to Tik Tok for their news and weather. Here are some Tik Tok gems that did not pan out.

Some turn to political experts like Vivek Ramaswamy.

Some people, of course, turn to science for their explanations.

Then there is always the inimitable John Oliver.

Hey, we are all free to speak our minds and believe what we believe. We can make up our view, but we cannot make up our facts.

Here is our view of the current weather.

Fact: Yesterday saw temperatures top 90 degrees across Delmarva.
Opinion: Today will be hot as well. So will Thursday. It will not rain on either day.

Fact: Tropical Storm Lee has formed east of the Antilles.
Opinion: Lee will eventually become at least a Category 4 Hurricane.

Fact: It is too early to tell whether Lee will affect the Mid-Atlantic.
Opinion: Currently it looks as though a trough crossing the US will push it out to sea.

Fact: The Baltimore Orioles are having a great baseball season.
Opinion: They are situated to go far in the playoffs and perhaps the World Series.

Fact: Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tario, was sentenced to 22 years of incarceration for his role in the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the nation’s Capital.
Opinion: Someone farther up the chain will receive a similar sentence.

Fact: Unity Square is being constructed on Division Street in Salisbury.
Opinion: The name of Division Street should be changed to Unity Way.

Fact: The Baltimore Ravens will have new offensive weapons this year.
Opinion: Adjustments take time, but the Ravens are likely to flourish.

Fact: Polls indicate that the majority of Americans do not want to see a presidential re-match in the 2024 election.
Opinion: There will not be a rematch.

Fact: The federal government will shut down at the end of September if both houses of Congress can not agree by the end of September.
Opinion: MAGA Republicans will be a hard sell to the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives because they know that a shutdown will also lead to a shutdown of investigations of the last Republican president. If investigations are to continue than up to a dozen or more Republican representatives will find themselves in the cross hairs of Jack Smith’s probe.

Fact: Our representative, Andy Harris, is one of many Republican politicians who were in a December of 2020 meeting that plotted to steal the election.
Opinion: He will be spared because there are bigger fish to fry.

Fact: BWI, Dulles, and National airports all reached 99 degrees yesterday.
Opinion: DC temps may reach 100 degrees today. Salisbury will not.

Facr: The warmest winds come from the southwest.
Opinion: Salisbury is generally cooler than DC, Richmond, and Baltimore because southwest winds cross over the Chesapeake Bay. That cools us slightly.

Fact: The vast majority of teachers care deeply about your children.
Opinion: The best teacher in a child’s life is his/her parents.

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