Salisbury MD

Some may labor to stay cool while eating a hot dog today

Near record breaking heat is expected on the Delmarva Peninsula today as highs will likely reach near 94 degrees. The Salisbury record high temp on this date is 95 degrees. Many may labor to keep cool today as Americans honor all of our workers on Labor Day. Are you among those who will eat a hot dog at the rate of 818 per second in America today?

Hot temperatures and sunshine will persist throughout the week. Temps tomorrow may even be warmer than today. By the time the work week ends we may have found ourselves experiencing the hottest single week of 2023. So, if you’re sending your kids back to school this week, maybe you can enjoy the pool or the beach. Take a look at one reliable model for the week ahead in Salisbury.

At this time it appears as though there are no chances of rain before next weekend.

Congratulations are in order for Salisbury native Mike Seidel on his remarkable labor of love achievement at the Weather Channel.

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