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Hilary roars after Don fizzles out

Over the next week a giant hole of hot and dry weather in the nation’s midsection will see all sorts of tropical activity wrapped around it, as displayed in the graphic above. This is the strong high pressure system that is historically referred to as the Ring of Fire. It spins in a clockwise direction that aids in the passing of precipitation around its perimeter. Inside the ring is oppressive heat. Lawrence, Kansas reached 106 degrees yesterday.

Typically at this time of year weather watchers have their eyes set on the Atlantic Ocean for suspected tropical activity that may affect the US mainland. Thus far, only one system briefly reached hurricane status before a sudden weakening. Hurricane Don existed for just a few hours on July 24 before it was quickly downgraded. It posed no threat at all as it meandered aimlessly out to sea.

The Atlantic basin is suddenly active with five potential tropical systems that may be upgraded to either tropical storms or hurricanes in the near future. The next named storm would be Emily.

The surprising story in this season of 2023 is the development of Hurricane Hilary in the eastern Pacific that is barreling towards Southern California. While it is expected to weaken to tropical storm status it is now likely to be the first tropical storm to make a California landfall since September 25, 1939.

The biggest danger with Hilary is the potential to dump heavy rainfall over California and the desert Southwest. Areas like Death Valley, for example, are expected to receive three years worth of rain in just a couple of days. National Parks and mountainous areas are bracing for flash floods and mudslides. Even Las Vegas is bracing for possible tornado activity.

Here on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay we will be treated to a warm and sunny day with high temperatures in the upper 80’s.

Today will be followed by a return to hot weather on Delmarva as temps reach the low 90’s under partly cloudy skies.

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