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The 20 hottest months globally since 1940 have all occurred in the past 14 years!

Let that sink in. The hottest months on the planet in the past 83 years have all occurred in the past 14 years. In fact, July of 2023 was far and away the hottest month ever recorded globally.

The National Weather Service in Wakefield, VA has released the official statistics for our area during July of 2023 as displayed in the graphic below. Salisbury was warmer than average last month by a couple of degrees. It was not record warmth for Salisbury as our month of July got off to a cool start, but it was the tenth warmest July on record for us.

Just like July, August of 2023 has started with below average temperatures. Temps will remain that way today under cloudy skies with occasional shower activity. Highs should reach just the upper 70’s.

Warmer air, but still below average will return for the weekend. Salisbury can expect partly cloudy skies both days with high temperatures near 86 degrees.

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