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Record breaking July is nearly behind us

July of 2023 has been the warmest single month in recorded history on the planet. Here at home July began with cooler than normal temperatures, but the extensive recently experienced heat wave on Delmarva brings the average temperature in Salisbury for July to 2.6 degrees above average as of this morning.

Rainfall has been above normal and seems to come in outbursts of locally heavy rainfall scattered about the area during the late afternoon and evening. This is nicely represented in the image of a rain delay this past Friday evening in the Yankees-Orioles game in Baltimore. The downpour there lasted over two hours and never made it to the Salisbury area.

Saturday night’s rain and windstorm in Salisbury as the cold front passed through was another reminder of how suddenly bad weather can appear in the middle of the summer.

Yesterday’s weather, on the other hand, was a nice reminder that our area is often blessed with spectacular weather. Virtually everyone loves July temps in the 80’s with little humidity.

Today, the last day of July 2023, will again offer temperatures in the low 80’s with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area. A washout would be a surprise.

The outlook beginning on Tuesday indicates that Salisbury should experience mostly sunny skies with below average temperatures reaching the low to mid 80’s. It looks like it will be a great week for getting outside without feeling like you are wearing the air.

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