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Can one get satisfaction at 80?

If you move like Jagger you probably can! Mick Jagger, front man for the Rolling Stones since 1962, celebrates his 80th birthday today. With the typical energy of a much younger individual Jagger is proof positive that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Did you know that the Rolling Stones song “Gimme Shelter” was originally conceived with a reference towards people rushing quickly to get out of a sudden rain storm? When completed, however, it became a song about people trying to escape violence each day of their lives.

Today brings plenty of sunshine to Delmarva with temperatures near 90 degrees that will morph into a weekend of sweltering mid 90 degrees temperatures. A heat wave is not what most of us want, but you can’t also get what you want!

Please remember if out and about in the heat this weekend that surface burns from sidewalks, pavements, and even the sand at the beach can occur. Make sure you are wearing shoes or sandals so that you’re not hopping about like Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

Even though thunderstorms are not expected before late on Sunday remember that they can pop up in isolated areas. They’re just a shot away. They’re just a shot away!

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