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You have the right to remain silent, but can you?

The only American president who was born on the 4th of July was Calvin Coolidge. Known for starting the “fist pitch” tradition at baseball games, he served as president 100 years ago in August of 1923 upon the death of Warren Harding. Coolidge was known as “Silent Cal”, because he often answered questions with succinct “yes” or “no” responses with little elaboration. Apparently he understood that one cannot put his foot in his mouth if he keeps it closed.

Let’s jump ahead 100 years.

The most often revered American freedom that comes with being independent is the right to free speech. If one, however, is being charged with a crime, would it not make more sense to exercise your Miranda rights and keep your mouth shut?

One former US president, for example, has been recently charged with multiple felonies. While he has the constitutional right to remain silent, he apparently does not have the ability to do so. Apparently, the only thing he has in common with Coolidge is that they were both Republicans who were elected to the presidency once. He is not the silent type.

On the weather front we will find it difficult to seclude ourselves from the July heat and humidity. We do, however, have choices on how we can deal with it. Maybe if we all stopped talking for 24 hours, it would cut down on some of the hot air. Think of it as a tribute to Coolidge’s service. Temps in Salisbury will rise to about 91 degrees both today and tomorrow with chances of scattered thunderstorms.

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