Salisbury MD

Seasonable but cloudy

Temperatures should reach close to 80 degrees today under cloudy skies. The cloudy skies hint at the wet and cooler weather that lurks on the horizon.

Occasional rain showers tonight will evolve into a more steady rain tomorrow afternoon with the daytime high temperature only expected to reach 71 degrees. A steady rainfall is expected to continue throughout the overnight hours and into Wednesday as well. Some areas may pick up periods of heavy rainfall. Wednesday’s high temperature will warm into the upper 70’s.

Scattered thunderstorms may continue on/off for several days.

Meanwhile, unusually warm temperatures in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean are spawning a couple of tropical systems that are expected to affect the islands in that area. The Southeast Atlantic coast will need to watch the areas of concern in order to ascertain any risks that may exist to the US mainland.

Usually the type of activity that we are witnessing occurs during the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season; not in June. One wonders what that portends for August and September.

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